About Us

Visual Arts Group

We aim to build confidence enable participation facilitate self expression stimulate dialogue increase inclusion celebrate diversity promote respect release potential connect communities create opportunities for change.

We Achieve Our Aims By

  • offering access to Community Arts and media workshops and projects in video, animation, dance, drama, forum theatre, photography, visual and digital arts, multi media, music and design
  • creating equal opportunities through positive action by prioritising individuals, groups and communities who are often marginalised
  • facilitating self advocacy through the creation and sharing of arts and media products and performances
  • devising and co-ordinating ground-breaking and cross-art form Community Arts for Development project
  • producing quality arts and media products and performances which celebrate diversity and reflect individual, group and community issues
  • advocating Community Arts as an effective and enjoyable way of stimulating positive individual and community development
  • establishing professional Community Arts practice standards
  • developing personal development plans and training for our staff team and management committee
  • improving the local skills base through vocational and accredited arts and media training workshops and courses
  • increasing social skills through creative expression
  • working collaboratively in cross-sector partnerships
  • connecting groups and communities through outreach, cross-generational projects, and local and international cultural exchange.