Lively Participants in a Valley and Vale Workshop

What is Community Arts?

Defining, clarifying and reflecting on what we do is essential and something we do all the time at Valley and Vale Community Arts, to inform our practice and make sure we are offering the best process we can to everyone we have the privilege to work with. The Community Arts sector is a sector of change, a sector about change; we are transforming lives, and this dynamic means we need to be especially clear about what we are aiming to do.

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How Can I Volunteer?

We have lots of volunteer opportunities and regularly have people volunteering on different projects at valley and Vale Community Arts. Our Board of Management is also made up of volunteers and we are always looking for new people interested to join us and take part in planning our future.

Thanks to funding from the WCVA’s Millennium Volunteers Programme we are currently offering new volunteer places in our organisation for young people interested in finding out more about Community Arts. The Millennium Volunteers is a UK wide initiative designed to promote and recognise volunteering among young people aged 16 – 24 who are interested in building on existing skills, experiences and interests by volunteering in well-organised, quality opportunities.

If you would like to gain new skills and training in a fun, creative environment and are 16-24 yrs old, have an interest in the Arts and can complete 200 hours over the next year then please get in touch with us at Valley and Vale. Places are being taken up fast but we are always keen to hear from people who want to join our team.

Contact Melissa Thomas (Administrator) at [email protected] or call 01656 729246.

Can I Get a Job with Valley and Vale?

Our job opportunities are advertised on our website, so keep us bookmarked to keep up with our latest jobs news. We also advertise our jobs in local press, in The Big Issue magazine and Voluntary Sector newsletters, in the Job Centre and on various other websites and e-groups.

We have so many requests from people who want to work with us, that we can’t always respond to enquiries, but even though we don’t take people on based on CV’s or letters (we use an Equal Opportunities application form process for our recruitment), we do sometimes meet creative people with really good ideas, so you can get in touch if you think that’s you.

All our jobs are obviously funding-dependent, but we also have a committed pool of freelance workers that work on a range of different shorter projects throughout the year.

Contact Alex Bowen (Director) at [email protected]

How Can I Join a Workshop or Training Course?

You can find out what’s going on here on our website.

New projects will be in the News section, and you can also search for projects, courses, or workshops using our Search facility, or by looking at Our Work and Our Projects.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or want to find out more, contact us by emailing Melissa Thomas (Administrator) at [email protected] or calling on (01656)729246

I’d Like to Commission a Project/Film/Animation/Mural/Website etc. How do I go About it?

We work on lost of commissioned projects in all our art forms.

We have a reputation for facilitating high quality creative projects and training courses as well as creating professional arts products (films, books, murals, websites, exhibitions etc) with groups and for different clients and commissioning organisations.

We tailor our Community Arts work to fit the needs of the group, organisation, or individuals involved and have a team of extremely talented and creative facilitators for your project.

We might also be able to advise you or help you with funding for your creative project.

Contact us by emailing or calling Alex Bowen (Director) on [email protected] or on (01656)729246.

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