Our Premises

Sardis Media Centre

Developing the Sardis Media Centre Site

Our organisation is based in the village of Betws in The Garw Valley, just north of Bridgend in South Wales. The Sardis Media Centre in Betws is a small converted chapel that has provided us with an effective base from which to host and outreach our services since 1995.

For some time, however, we have been thinking that the Centre is in need of refurbishment. We have undertaken research to assess what our key stakeholders think and we have gained the active support of both our core funders and many of our partners and customers.

The general consensus is that we should redevelop the site and create a new ‘Centre’ that is more reflective of our ‘Beacon’ status and as one of the leading Community Arts organisations in Wales.

We have recently engaged architects in helping put forward designs for a redeveloped ‘state-of-the-art’ facility.

A New Community Arts Centre

We have developed a brief for the most cost-effective, sustainable and relevant redevelopment option for our premises, and we are now seeking funding to enable this redevelopment. We are in need of a base which fits our vision for the future and which gives us our own space within which to do that.

In addition we are exploring the potential to invest in developing and using other community venues as well as reaching out virtually. In doing this we hope to develop a new concept for a community arts ‘Centre’ that has an identifiable ‘hub’ but is also recognised as delivering our projects in the heart of the local communities that we are seeking to serve.

To complement this, we will seek to develop our profile on the internet and will explore the use of new digital platforms to ensure that our projects can be accessed by the widest possible audience.