Our Team

Raven in the Woods Workshop 2014

Management Committee

Alex Bowen – Director, Valley and Vale Community Arts

Carol Brown – Vice Chair, Valley and Vale (TAN Dance Director)

Rosemary Bucke – Mental Health Volunteer

Katrina Kurowski – Chair, Valley and Vale (Advisor, Bridgend People First)

Staff Team

Alex Bowen – Director

Laura Bradshaw – Singing and Music Worker

Nick Clements – Person-Centred Creativity Development Worker

Tracy Evans – Drama Development Worker

Rhys Hughes – Counsellor Supervisor / Person-Centred Creativity Development Worker

Luke Jacobs – Film / Animation Worker

Kate Kelly – Design / Website Development Worker / IT (Black Cat Design)

Gareth Kiddie – Business Consultant (GKA Associates)

Lynette Margerison – Forest Arts Development Worker

Alison McGann – Photography / Design / Visual Arts Worker

Ali Franks – Drama Development Worker

Tracy Pallant – Film Development Worker

Amy Peckham – Film Worker

Shelly Powell – Admin Assistant

Bethan Ryland – Dance Worker

Tim Smith – Animation /Design / Visual Arts Worker

Katja Stiller – Film / Person-Centred Creativity Development Worker

Melissa Thomas – Administrator / PA to the Director

Neil White – Music Worker