Gabriel Guerra da Silviera – PCC / Capoeira Worker

Gabriel Guerra da Silviera - Person-Centred Creativity/ Capoeira WorkerI have had the opportunity of working as a development worker at Valley and Vale for about two years. In that period I’ve been involved in different projects that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. As a psychologist I seek to understand the experience of individuals and communities in order to enhance my contact with them and be able to facilitate growth. I believe that Valley and Vale is an institution that values this type of encounter, where the unique value of each person is taken into consideration and catalysed by creative work.

I worked as a counsellor back in Brazil as well as a facilitator for impoverished communities. I see this experience as giving me perspective on the varied backgrounds that individuals might face and how they should have an opportunity to express their experience in a non-judgemental environment. In the end, it does not matter which culture, our country you come from. Everywhere there will be people who suffer injustice, bad conditions and difficulties. I value working for Valley and Vale because it is an institution that seeks to give voice to these individuals, using art and creativity to facilitate community development.

It has been amazing being part of the activities and projects that supported so many groups, I feel fortunate to have learnt so much about the Welsh culture, knowing that I will always carry it wherever I go.