Gareth Kiddie – Business Consultant (GKA Associates)

Gareth Kiddie – Business Consultant (GKA Associates)I am a consultant that specialises in supporting community regeneration projects. I have been working with Valley and Vale for over a year now helping them with their business planning. It has been a real pleasure working with such a creative, enthusiastic and friendly team of people. I’m really not surprised their clients and their funders hold them such high regard. They really do a great job!

I set up GKA with the intention of ‘helping communities to help themselves’. I work hard to facilitate, to work with people, helping them appreciate what they already do well and to build on success. I’m from Barry. I’m on the left in the photo (!) but my son James pictured right deserves a mention as he supported me in presenting my findings to the Valley and Vale Board. James is a real star!