Issie Lloyd – Dance Development Worker

Issie Lloyd - Dance Development Worker“I live and breathe dance and am currently training in Contemporary, Hip Hop, Bboying, Gymnastics and Capoeira. After returning from a Capoeira trip to Brazil last summer, I have been full of energy and buzzing to share the cultural experiences in which I absorbed. My aim is to use the foundations I have trained in and life changing experiences to influence my teaching style and give people the opportunity to learn a variety of movement technique in order to enhance their individual style and approach to dance.

I have taught since the age of fifteen, specifically targeting marginalised sectors and focusing on individuals who may otherwise not have had the opportunity to participate in creative activity. I am excited to transfer my skills and ideas over to Valley and Vale and offer fresh opportunities to a variety of ages and abilities, advocating community dance as an enjoyable way of stimulating positive individual and community development. I think 2010 is going to be a year of fun and exciting dance opportunities at Valley and Vale. Anyone and everyone can dance, it is just a matter of how you interpret movement and wish to express yourself!”

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