Luke Jacobs – Film / Animation Worker

After graduating from The International Film School of Wales in 2002, Luke Jacobs has been working as both a Director and Freelance Camera Operator on a variety of commissioned short films, community films, music films, animations and documentaries some of them having taken him to Italy, France and Africa. His work has been screened on TV and in numerous festivals, winning an award for Cinematography at Ffresh Film Festival and the Best International Short at the Fantastic Film Festival. He has also been teaching filmmaking to teenagers and students.

“What I enjoy the most about my job is the variety of projects I am involved in, each one is important in a different way. It feels great to make a film with a professional crew that gets shown on TV but to work on a Community projects with a groups of disadvantaged teenagers to make a film they can be proud of and give them a voice is just as important to me and often more fulfilling!”

Luke has been involved with Valley and Vale for over 3 years now. “Valley and Vale gave me my first freelance work after leaving Film School. An opportunity I am very grateful for as 3 years on I am doing what I set out to do and loving it! As a Valley and Vale Worker I have got to do some brilliant projects for Child-line, Princes Trust and in Park Prison. Its wonderful to work with people who are as passionate about their projects as Valley and Vale and care about the results! I hope to continue to working for them in the future.”

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