Summerscheme 2009

As we move forward over the next three years we will build on our current ‘departmental’ structure so that we are able to increase opportunities for multi-disciplinary and cross-departmental team work. The proposed model is shown diagrammatically below:

The diagram shows how we put creativity at the heart of everything we do.

Our staff, management committee and Director have a reputation for our creative approaches, for thinking ‘outside the box’.

This diagram also shows how we will continue to support our departmental teams to lead the development and delivery our projects, but how we will build on this by facilitating the creation of cross-departmental ‘task and finish’ teams to pioneer the development and delivery of a suite of training and development products.

Roles and Responsibilities

In order to build on our success we recognise that we will need to enlist the support of everyone involved in Valley and Vale at one time or another – our key stakeholders, our board of directors, our staff and our volunteers.

During the next three years the roles that these people play will be critical to our development.

We will encourage our:

  • Core funders to continue to support the development of best practice at Valley and Vale.
  • Board of Directors to continue to advocate on our behalf and promote our work to our strategic partners.
  • Director and Senior Development Workers to continue build relationships and win new business in target markets.
  • Department Heads and project teams to continue to deliver high quality projects and to develop new products.