December 16 2009

Dance Report

Dynion Dance Company

‘MAN’ (A Dynion/ TAN Dance/ Valley and Vale and HMP Parc Partnership Project)

Dynion take massive evolutionary journey from sperm to ape to standing straight. All these males desperately try to make sense of their identity and try not to reinvent manliness but reclaim it before its inevitable end…”

We are currently planning an exciting Beacon partnership project with our partner Dance organisations TAN Dance and Dynion, hoping to develop a new male dance/ drama/ Rites of Passage project at HMP Parc in Bridgend, kick-starting it with this latest high energy piece and workshop by Dynion to stimulate more creative expression and work with the prisoners in different art forms around themes explored in ‘MAN’.

Dance and Different Ability

Every Tuesday morning I meet with a group of passionate dancers at Ynysawdre Leisure Centre in Bridgend at 10.30am in the dance studio. The Dance and Different Ability Group has been running for just over half a year now and every week for an hour a group of people come together to share their love for movement and dance. With mixed ages and abilities the hour is taken up with dancing together as a whole group, dancing in partners and dancing solos. It is an opportunity to create movement, to share movement and to lead with movement.

Over the past six months I have seen each member of the group develop individually, discovering their own way of moving and expressing themselves with dance. To see members of the group who were once nervous about stepping into a dance studio now able to travel across an open space dancing to music with no fear, just pure enjoyment, just makes my Tuesdays!

Paula Lawrence, Dance Development Worker