November 28 2009

‘OPENCities’ – a British Council partnership project

Cardiff Skyline

OPENcities is a British Council partnership project with cities around the world. The British Council asked us to organise a day with young people in Cardiff this autumn explore creatively what Cardiff means to them. Using art, poetry, dance, film and music the young people produced a short DVD and shared their thoughts on what makes their city unique, how open they feel Cardiff is, what they like and what they don’t like about their city, and how much it made them the people they are today.

The workshop day stimulated lots of discussion amongst the young people; making the DVD gave them the opportunity to work together, to learn about their different experiences and to represent their different views. The final DVD will be shown at exhibitions in the partnership cities.

Martin Davidson the Chief Executive to the British Council came to visit the project and to talk to the young people.

Workshop participant: “People in Cardiff don’t find it hard to express themselves. I certainly don’t find it hard, if I want to dance in the streets I dance in the streets, I can be my own person”

Workshop participant: “It does not matter where you are from it matters what you give, it matters how you are as a person”

Workshop participant: “Cardiff is good at accepting different people and different beliefs, there are opportunities here for everyone”

Workshop participant: “Cardiff has brought out the best in me.”