March 28 2010

Cardiff Anti Bullying Project

Cardiff Anti-Bullying Project

We are currently working in Partnership with the Cardiff Anti Bullying project with young people who experienced bullying in schools; because of their experiences some of the young people stopped going to school. They have been referred to the project by different schools in Cardiff and meet every Thursday at the Eastmoors Youth Centre in Cardiff. For most of them this is the only time during the week that they mix with other young people. As part of the project the young people use some of the writing they have done in the past years and produce short video poetry films. We are planning an event where they young people show their short films to other young people.

Here are some of the poems:

Just Me

When I was in school it was different.
People who were my friends were now the bullies.
They cut my hair off.
They made me feel really down and upset

They make you feel like sh*t.
They took away my dignity when they cut my hair off.

I loved my hair.

But sometimes
You would just want to stick up for yourself.

And you can’t.

It’s like you’re trapped.
If you say go away, leave me alone, it will get worse.

But now I have changed.

Stand up for yourself. Answer back.
Once it might all stop.

But if not go to the police and they could help.

But if not, keep yourself to yourself then it will get better.

With a little bit of help it will be ok.


Life on a beach is peaceful.

It’s like you have no worries or no problems.

It’s like your heart is like an ocean, empty, no feelings whatsoever.

When you’re building a castle, it’s like you’re safe but free!

Let your own mind take you away

To go to a world of your heart’s desire.


One minute she was here
The next she had gone, like gone into another room

The sad part is, you can’t go to that room if you want to,
then it’s personal choice.

Cancer’s a bitch. It don’t let go.

Some mornings I awake, still thinking she is downstairs
with her dolls and Disney Channel on repeat.

But she ain’t there.
It’s just the dolls and the telly.

Memories are everything.
But I would rather her.

And when my time comes,
I know for sure she won’t wait
until I’m past the gates.

She will meet me all the way.

I love you Jade.

Can’t wait.


I am 14 years old
I should be having a laugh
I should be going out with my friends
having a laugh
now I can’t even go to school

they phone my mobile
they terrorise me
they shout abuse across the road
I am even too scared to leave my house

it hurts
the rumours, the names,
the lies, the texts, the phone calls
the hate
the bullying…