Digital Stories


Digital Storytelling is a term that describes an area of our work that uses digital tools to help ordinary people tell their own stories in a simple but emotionally engaging form. These stories usually take the form of a relatively short story (less than 5 minutes) and can involve interactivity, photographs, music and voices.

Our latest Digital Storytelling project is called Growing Together. This project is facilitated and co-ordinated by Film Development Workers Tracy Pallant and Penny Lewis-Stempel.

Growing Together is a Digital Storytelling project based in the Garw Valley, funded by Heritage Lottery. It aims to bring young and old people together to share and record their memories and their heritage, making short films on DVD for watching at home, distributing on the internet or showing on a big screen. The students involved will also gain an OCN qualification in Digital Storytelling. This is a prestigious project running over the course of a year and there will be screenings in schools and community venues as well as a major event at the end of the project.

Here are some of the latest films made in this project:


Digital Stories Training Workshop Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Digital Stories Training Workshop Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A collection of short films exploring the lives and experiences of individuals in Addis Ababa.

‘My Journey’ – Holocaust Memorial Day Film – My Journey’ is a short film made by Katja Stiller, Valley and Vale’s Film Development Worker. Katja is German and in this film she shares with us her thoughts and feelings about the Holocaust. This film was made to be shown in South Wales as part of the Holocaust Memorial Day events in January 2011.


Coal Lorry to Porthcawl“When the miners had holidays we used to hire coal lorries to take our furniture down to plovers plain in Porthcawl”.

Crabs and Shells“My Gran and Grandpa had a marque tent which was huge and we all lived in the tent”.

Heaven and Hell’s Kitchen “It was very hard to find a house with an inside toilet, our house cost £1000”.

Like a Bird“My brother known as John whistled like a bird, he could recreate the sound of any bird you could think of”.

Mining Memories“It was 1937 and I found myself on a Monday afternoon working down the Ballerat mine, it was called Ballerat because of the rats down there”.

Utility Minded“When I was little I lived in a prefab, it was very cosy, the kitchen was big enough to have a dining table”.