Drama Films

Our Film Department has been developing its drama films portfolio over the past 10 years, combining film and drama to tell a wide selection of stories and working with many different groups across South Wales.

Much of this work has been supported by funding from both First Light Movies Awards and The Arts Council of Wales, and some of our films in this department have been nominated for and have won Film Awards in Wales and beyond.

Here our some of the films:


Sarah’s Story – Valley and Vale worked with women from Bridgend Women’s Aid and The Genesis Project during this project. The group of women worked through a process of sharing their experiences and devising dramatic scenes based around their own stories. We worked with them to create a script which we then filmed with the group and they directed and assisted.

‘Pretty Ugly’ Drama Film – This short film shows excerpts from Pretty Ugly, a devised forum theatre play that was created by our Bridgend Community Youth Theatre group in 2010, working with our Drama Development Worker Alyson Evans. This thought-provoking production toured around the Bridgend area in a sell-out programme for Anti Bullying week during November 2010 provided a place for discussion about the issues young people face surrounding the pressure of image.


Bend It Like Betws was shot during snow blizzards in Betws and follows the story of Lily, a 10 year old girl who loves football. Her dad is the Under 12’s Coach and the local Ice-Cream Man and has old-fashioned ideas; he doesn’t think that girls would be interested in or any good at playing football. When the star player is taken ill from eating too much ice-cream, Lily’s dad has to rethink his ideas.

Bend it Like Betws Behind the Scenes – Interviews with the cast and crew of Bend it Like Betws.


Complicated Maths – Funded by The Prince’s Trust Cymru and working in partnership with Youth Works, we made this film with young people living on the Wildmill estate in Bridgend.

Jasmine“Jasmine is a 14 year old girl. She has lots of friends, likes listening to music and loves dancing.” This film was made by an all-girl Asylum Seekers’ group in Cardiff working with Valley and Vale.

Viva Elvis – Viva Elvis tells the story of 16 year old Memphis ‘Prez’ Evans who is trying to help his dad, Elvis Impersonator Pelvis Esley get his life back on track.


Best Friends – This is a film about a girl who is dyslexic. Sasha is 9 years old and she gets bullied in school.

Being Real – This film was made in Cardiff working in partnership with the Sherman Theatre on the ‘Acting Out’ project working with young people on alternative curriculum programmes exploring their lives through drama and multimedia.

Billy Whizz – Funded by a Commedia Millennium Award, this film was made by young people from Ogmore Vale and explores issues around drugs in the South Wales Valleys.

Like a Child – ‘Like a Child?’ is a 5-minute drama about teenage pregnancy. In this film 15 yr old Nikki finds out that she is pregnant.

Lord of the Ring – Lord of the Ring was made by a group of young people in Betws. The film tells the story of two brothers Ethan and Jack who recently lost their mother. Jack finds release in boxing and spends all his time training. Ethan on the other hand is lost and starts to experiment with drugs.

Sea of Bitterness – Sea of Bitterness was made by Year 7-11 students at Fitzalan High School in Cardiff, working with Film Development Worker Tracy Pallant. The film dealt with some difficult and painful issues which were discussed during the script writing process.


The Good Housewife Guide – This short film was made for our International Women’s Day project in 2005.