Sandfields Mural Project

This summer graffiti murals project took place in 2004 at the library in Sandfields estate near Port Talbot.

Luckily the sun shone enough for the paint to dry and so the murals were completed by September, as well as the recording of an original hip hop track made by local young people as part of the workshop and the filming of a video diary of the project.

We worked in partnership for the first time on this summer project with Neath Port Talbot Council and the project was funded by The New Opportunities Fund.

Thanks to our arts team who facilitated the workshop – Tim Smith, Luke Jacobs, Jason Camilleri and Kieron Barrett and for the help from Paula, the library team and everyone who joined in to make it such a positive project.

“This was a highly rewarding project as we worked with children from difficult backgrounds on a housing estate with in my opinion an unfair reputation. Over two weeks in the summer of 2004 we worked with children from the estate to create a colourful mural on the outside wall of the local library, as well as creating a rap song about life on the estate. The project has had a hugely positive effect on the estate and the mural is loved by all who live there.”