Corpus Christi High School Year 8 Anti-Bullying Day

On July 10th, Alys Byrne and Katja Stiller worked in collaboration with Cardiff Against Bullying and Race Equality Wales at Corpus Christi High School in Cardiff.

Over the course of the day we worked with 180 young people from Year 8. Whilst the other sessions covered race equality, bullying, cyber-bullying and by-standing, we offered creativity workshops which looked at the importance of friendship and valuing others. Using drawing, painting and creative writing we asked the young people to look at those in their lives that they can trust, to describe themselves and their qualities, to draw each other and then to work together in a large group to produce a piece of art that combined all of these exercises.

The sessions were spent cutting, writing, drawing, painting and sticking, they were lively and messy, however, the teachers observed how engaged the young people were. They produced some amazing, thoughtful work, which will be displayed in the school.

“This is so much fun”

“The art session made us realise who we valued, it was fun to work in a big group to create something.”

“It was really hard to write a positive poem about myself, but I was pleased with what I came up with”