Czech Us Out

This film is a 5 minute documentary made by young people aged 14-16 years old from the EU Roma community in Cardiff. The project took place at Eastmoors Community Education Centre, where the group worked with our Film Development Worker Tracy Pallant. The project was funded by Film Nation UK and was supported by The Arts Council of Wales. The film reflects the passions and interests of the young filmmakers at an important transition time in their lives.

We enjoyed working with these young people. This group had previously found it hard to engage in formal education, but they found the Film Nation project an accessible and engaging activity, giving them the opportunity to tell and share their unique stories with a wide audience. During the making of the film one of the Martins moved back to the Czech republic, which impacted on the group’s musical partnership. The group worked hard to produce a film they are proud of and developed new skills in film production, which has given them the confidence to be open to new opportunities that may present themselves in their lives.  As vital and engaging as the group themselves, this film shows the important part that traditional and contemporary music plays in their lives:

“It’s in the family, it’s in the blood, music gives us a beat in our hearts.” (Martin)

“Music is my life, I write about what I see, it helps me 100%.” (Darina)

Watch the film.