Dance Leaders Training Course 2010

In 2010 Valley and Vale Community Arts hosted a Level Two Dance Leaders OCN in partnership with Creazione Dance and Bridgend County Borough Youth Service. This course was aimed at local youth and community workers and students over 16 years of age. Issie Lloyd, our Dance Development Worker, supported this new project that will result in the wider sharing of dance skills throughout our local communities.

The Dance Leaders course involved individual and group tasks that encouraged the students to communicate through verbal and physical action when delivering dance. The course enabled individuals to gain a clearer understanding and knowledge of a variety of dance styles such as Latin American, Street Dance, Locking, Contemporary and Ballet. After learning the background of these styles and their foundations the participants took turns in planning, delivering and evaluating dance material in groups and individually. By the end of the Dance Leaders course the participants had made tight bonds and their confidence had grown tremendously.

Creazione Dance did a great job delivering the course and the participants were truly dedicated to learning, and eager to put the adopted teaching skills into practice throughout their local communities. We look forward to handing on further teaching and learning opportunities to the Dance Leaders group into the future.