Raven in the Woods Course

Our recent Raven in the Woods ‘training the trainers’ course in Bryngarw Park near Bridgend was such a success, full of magic and myth, as well as sunshine and showers, sharing our ideas and experiences with a wide range of people from across South Wales, Bristol and beyond: “With your myth in mind take some time to explore the gardens and the site. Take something to draw with and on. While you are exploring, which you may do in pairs on your own, take some time to wander, to go off the beaten path, to be led astray, to look at things small things big things that catch your attention. Use this time and the thoughts that you have to identify some areas of the site that you would use for key elements “the bare bones” in your story. Look around those areas and imagine the action taking place and see if there any things special trees, flowers, views, smells and sounds that your group could use, bearing in mind that collection of plants with a number of people should respect the flora and fauna in that area. Think about exits and entrances, so not just areas but routes that you could use to join one area to the next. Think of this in maximising the drama of the story. Are there any good places for ambush/ viewpoints etc, also be aware that participants and the group may naturally choose places for themselves so you don’t have to plan everything. This is primarily an exercise in letting yourself dream into the site and the story. You don’t have to be too precise or practical at this stage. Don’t censor the ideas either, sometimes the silliest or craziest, littlest things are the most valuable …” (Tracy Evans and Lynette Margerison, Project Facilitators, Valley and Vale Community Arts)

This course was aimed at people that were keen to find out more about the possibilities of outdoor learning, and using creativity in natural outdoor environments. We had a good turn out and great feedback from everyone that came and we enjoyed our two days with this mixed and enthusiastic group. Based on the success of this new creative training programme we are now planning to facilitate more courses like this in the future, so if you missed out this time, don’t worry and watch out for new creativity courses which we will post on our website and our Facebook page.

This event also saw the launch of our new publication ‘The Raven in the Woods, A Guide to Working Outside with Creativity and Storytelling’ (Tracy Evans and Lynette Margerison, Valley and Vale Community Arts), which is now available on our website shop, or direct from our offices, for £5 (plus £1.50 p&p).