July 3 2010

A Week on Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain

“This week has encapsulated the Top of the Mountain project in Betws, where we are based.  It is about people and their stories.

Alison Moger, community textile artist, works closely with children at Betws Primary school on Mondays helping them to weave intricate symbols of life into a beautiful village stitched piece.  She continues into the evening with adults, adding the finishing touches.

Wednesday and Alison McGann, photographer, has a group of adults interpreting the world around them in pictures.  Some people taking part have said how it has made them see things differently.  Dates and venues are being looked at for a final exhibition of their work.

Also, on Wednesday, a few older ladies from the village attended a story sharing circle.  When we had finished laughing, they are real characters, I felt privileged to hear heart-warming, funny and touching stories of life in the past.

The tempo was raised when Aidan, our soon to be traditional music tutor, paid the group an impromptu visit.  He played a few tunes on his harmonica and the ladies were soon singing to some old classics.  It was a truly magical moment! Aidan is set to start his music classes in September and will make an appearance at the village festival on August 14th. Later on Wednesday, I met with a school teacher from Betws who had taught here in the 60’s.  He is a natural storyteller and has a wonderfully lyrical voice, so I am looking forward to his contribution to the project.

I wonder what next week will bring?”

Top of the Mountain Project Coordinator