June 22 2010

Alyson’s Darwin Adventure part 1

Alyson Evans' Aussie Adventure - at the airport

“After 3 flights, totalling in 25 hours of flying, 2 stop overs and lots of plane food I finally made it here to Darwin, Australia to spend six weeks working with Darwin Community Arts. When you spend that amount of time travelling you really do feel along way from home! But I made it to one of my favourite countries in the world, a place of outstanding beauty, great weather, great people, and lots of animals ready to bite you.

A little dazed and sleep-deprived I was met at the airport by Brenda, who works for DCA, and who I’ve been in contact with over the last few months and is very kindly letting me stay at her lovely house. So, after a very warm welcome (from both Brenda and the weather) I settled in and finally had some sleep.

The next day was World Refugee Day, and an event was being held to celebrate. The day involved traditional performances from around the world, stalls full of information for newcomers to Australia, and craft workshops. People could also enjoy food made from different areas of the world, made by local communities. It was a great day, and I, along with everyone else there really enjoyed the day.

So Monday I start at DCA, and I’m really looking forward to learning all about the organisation, the work they do, and taking part in their workshops. But for now, main priority is catching up on my sleep…”

Alyson EvansDrama Development Worker

Funded by The Arts Council of Wales

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