July 3 2010

Alyson’s Darwin Adventure part 3

Alyson Evans @ Darwin Theatre Company

“Due to deadly jellyfish and salt water crocodiles, its unsafe to swim in Darwin waters. So, at the water front, the council has built a man made beach, with sand and non-deadly water. If that’s not enough, next to that there’s a large wave pool full of inflatables and body boards so you can get the full effect of the sea. So, after a relaxing and fun weekend there and a trip to Mindil Beach sunset market, it was back in work Monday. Unfortunately, Darwin Community Arts had been broken into over the weekend, with thieves taking off with some electrical things and a set of keys.

My Sister’s Kitchen didn’t disappoint, a prawn stir-fry was made from the Philippines. The drama group did well too, they gave their first performance before everyone ate that told a funny story of an old man and woman. They did really well to create this in such a short amount of time, as when they first arrived to MSK they went straight to the Telesentro, which is a free computer club that Darwin Community Arts runs for 2 hours every day where anyone from the community can come and have access to the internet. It is run by volunteers from the seniors computer club, giving ownership to the community and bridging the gap between young and old.

This Thursday saw the first of my three introduction to forum theatre workshops, held at Chambers Crescent Theatre. What we didn’t realise was that the day of the workshop, July 1st was Territory Day, and the only day it’s legal to buy and set off fireworks. This meant that attendance was low, but the workshop was not wasted, we still did some exercises and had great fun.

On Friday night Darwin Theatre Company performed A Midsummer’s Night Dream at the old town hall ruins (it was mostly destroyed along with the rest of Darwin by Hurricane Tracy in 1974). It was a great performance, very funny, and the setting was beautiful. There’s something very magical about watching a performance under the stars.

So another great week. The weather is very hot, 32 degrees every day and its like that every day of the year on Darwin. Only problem is the mosquitoes and sand flies are covering me in bites. But, that’s what happens when you’re in the tropics!”

Alyson Evans – Drama Development Worker

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