February 9 2012

Annual Report 2011

Pebbles with inspirational words etched onto them

by Alex Bowen, Director

The Valley and Vale Community Arts Annual Report 2011 is now available on line and in print. Last year was another creative and colourful time for Valley and Vale and we hope you enjoy reading about it.

There is a balance between looking back at what we’ve achieved every year, and remembering where we came from, and the challenge of looking forward and thinking about where we want to go next.

In terms of the future, it would be naïve to say it looks good for the Arts, but we do feel that we are well placed to share creativity across many sectors and with people that can really benefit from our approach for many years to come. We will keep pushing the boundaries and trying out new ways of working. Even in difficult times, I hope that we continue to be brave enough to be innovative and pioneering, because that is what makes us different.

Download our 2011 Annual Report:

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