March 18 2013

Annual Report 2012

Annual Reports 2012

by Alex Bowen, Director

We have recently launched our latest Annual Report, designed by Black Cat Design, who also design and manage our website and social network sites.

This has been another really creative and vibrant year for Valley and Vale. When I write our Annual Reports – it always gives me time to sit back and reflect on what makes Valley and Vale so special, and I think it’s really important that we do this every year.

What makes us special is that: we work extremely hard; we challenge ourselves; we take on (and look for) challenging projects; we reflect on what we do; we try to get better; and we try to remember what (and more importantly who) we’re here for.

There is a balance to make, between looking back at what we’ve achieved, and thinking about where we want to go next. I think this is one of Valley and Vale’s strengths – we never forget where we’ve come from, but we are all, always, looking for new creative adventures and opportunities.

There is a creative flow in our organisation that means we are flexible and free to follow our visions, but we are also extremely focussed.

Download our 2012 Annual Report

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