August 8 2010

Anti-Bullying Project Films – “Why Do People Hurt Each Other?”

Why do people hurt each other? Songstress

In partnership with the Cardiff Anti-Bullying project Valley and Vale worked with young people who experienced bullying in schools; because of their experiences some of the young people stopped going to school. They were referred to the project by different schools in Cardiff and meet every Thursday at the East Moors Youth Centre in Cardiff. For most of them this is the only time during the week that they mix with other young people. As part of the project the young people used some of the writing they have done in the past years to produce short video poetry films.

Most of these films will be shown on our website over the next couple of weeks, this is the song and dance film created by Shanice, Robyn,  Sinead and Jemma:

“Why do People Hurt Each Other?” – Anti-Bullying Film from Valley and Vale Community Arts on Vimeo.