September 29 2007

Around the World in 10 Days Summer Arts Project

Around the World in 10 Days - Summer Arts Project

Valley and Vale Community Arts devised and facilitated this new International Summer Arts project, working with local children and young people in the village of Betws in August 2007. In this project we used creativity to explore global themes, learning and sharing about different countries, cultures and communities with the children.

We were lucky to be joined in the project by some young international volunteers from the UNA Exchange programme from Germany, Lithuania, Canada and Belgium, as well as visitors from Kenya.

We worked for 2 weeks with the children exploring cultures of the world in dance, drama, music, visual arts, photography, film, mural-making and puppet-making, and created a performance piece and exhibition with a global theme to show to parents and friends in Betws at the end of the project.

We will be keeping in touch with our international volunteers and hope to run another project like this next summer in our village following its great success. Here’s what one of our volunteers thought about the project and working with us:

‘I’m Mireille and I was an international volunteer during the summerscheme ‘Around the World in 10 Days’. Last year, my friend talked to me about an organisation in Montreal, where I live, Chantiers Jeunesse, which makes volunteer work all around the world possible for young people from Quebec. So, I subscribed and then found myself in Betws. I really had a great time playing with the children and sharing my culture with them.I was really interested to learn about Wales; we had the chance to visit a bit around Betws and the surroundings.

The weather there surprised me. It was almost always hot and sunny! It was also inspiring to work with the Valley and Vale team and the other volunteers from all around the world. It was a real pleasure to be a part of the team and to bring a bit of myself to the project. Everytime I work with children, they surprise me with by their energy and their potential. Once again, I was glad to be amazed and, once again, they remind me how to look at our world with their eyes, with so much hope and dreams. I did really enjoy my stay in Wales! Enjoy the end of the summer!!!’

Mireille, Canada