July 4 2014

‘As You Like It’ at Betws Primary School

As You Like It performance

Taking Flight Theatre Company and Hi-Jinx Theatre Company worked together to bring Shakespeare’s classic comedy of disguise and deception to the village of Betws this June, working in partnership with Valley and Vale Community Arts and The Arts Council of Wales’ Young Promoters scheme.

This was an exciting and fun project, helping the children in Betws Primary School to promote the play by selling tickets, designing a promotional poster and taking part in workshops about the themes in the play. On the evening of the performance Betws Community Choir came out to support the event, singing and drumming up excitement in the school field, before leading a happy procession of local children, adults, the deputy mayor and several Councillors, AMs and MPs up to the school to meet the actors for the start of the performance.

This was a rare chance for the local community to enjoy a lively Shakespeare play outside in the grounds of their school. We had a great turn out, and were lucky that the rain held off for the whole evening. The actors were full of energy and created a magical spectacle which entranced the (some very young) children in the audience thoughout the whole evening. We enjoyed music, singing, fairground games, excellent signed interpretation which was integrated into the piece, and the promenade experience itself which was a first for many of the children who came, and they loved moving about the school grounds and playground for the different scenes of the play.

Taking Flight is an exciting and innovative professional theatre company who work to break down the barriers which can prevent participation in the arts. Accessible to all, they offer a fresh and dynamic approach to Shakespeare, creating a performance that is suitable to all ages. We worked with The Arts Council of Wales’ Young Promoters scheme to bring this exciting project to Betws Primary School, in a scheme that encourages the children to actively learn about theatre, marketing, touring productions, organising a performance, and aims to stimulate new experiences and learning through the arts.

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