April 16 2010

Bend it Like Betws

Bend it Like Betws 2010

Bend It Like Betws is a 5 minute film facilitated by our Film and Drama Development departments and made by children at Betws Primary School as part of the First Light Pilot Award Scheme. First Light aims to encourage 5 to 18 year olds to make their own films with the professional support of adult film makers.

Bend It Like Betws was shot during snow blizzards in Betws and follows the story of Lily, a 10 year old girl who loves football. Her dad is the Under 12’s Coach and the local Ice-Cream Man and has old-fashioned ideas; he doesn’t think that girls would be interested in or any good at playing football. When the star player is taken ill from eating too much ice-cream, Lily’s dad has to rethink his ideas.

The film will be launched in May 2010 and we hope to premiere this new short film at The Odeon cinema in Bridgend, or at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

We asked the children in the project what you need to do to make a film, giving advice to other young film makers, and this is what they had to say:

‘Get a bunch of friends together, make up a big story and then put it all together and have a good time’ (Chloe aged 10)

‘Well you’ve got to work together really, it’s teamwork that makes a film, not individuality’ (Ellie aged 10)

‘I like the bit where there’s extra sauce on the ice-cream’ (Rachel aged 10)

‘The film’s not about the ice-cream, it’s about football’ (Brian Hibbard, actor )

‘And the flakes!’ (Rachel)

Bend it Like Betws Photo Gallery