August 28 2012

Betws Community Choir Blog Summer 2012

Betws Choir at Glanfa

by Laura Bradshaw, Singing and Music Worker

The summer term 2012 has been yet another lovely season – full of interesting events and lovely surprises! We started off in quite a relaxed way having fun with some new songs – from pop to Irish folk songs.

Some of the choir performed at a “Wateraid” fundraising event which was held at the Macintosh Institute in Cardiff alongside other Cardiff and Barry choirs which raised over £400 for the charity!

Towards the middle of the term we began to prepare in earnest for our “Big Sing” in Swansea which was a singing get together with other community choirs from South Wales. This happened on a Saturday at the end of June and began with an afternoon of workshops involving everybody (Over 100 people) where we learned several new acapella songs in four part harmony – one being “Help me Ronda” by the Beach Boys. These songs were lead by fabulous tutors – Roxanne Smith, Kate Davies, Stuart Jones and Carole Shepherd!

None of the other choirs had young people in them and I did wonder how our six young people would respond! They were all shining examples for our choir and joined in enthusiastically and sensibly!

In the evening it was the choirs’ turn to perform to each other – bearing in mind that we had just over half of our full complement of singers (and we did miss those not able to attend) we sang brilliantly and had fantastic responses from all the other choirs – many of who said the singing had brought tears to their eyes! One of the organizers – Kate said that it had really “Moved” her and that the choir sang with real “Heart”. I think we all had a lovely singing time during the event!

A lovely surprise near the end of term was to see some old choir members returning! We also spent some time learning our Welsh songs in more depth with help from Neil who is a Welsh speaker.

Our last event of the term was an open choir evening to help to raise funds for the church roof and to basically have another fabulous singing session along with nice food to share. This was well attended by choir members as well as friends and family – we even had three more teenage boys adding their voices to some of the songs! – Hopefully they’ll come back in September!

A fabulous and inclusive group of people from all walks of life and experiences all joining together to sing! What more could any one want?!