February 2 2009

Bridgend Women’s Aid

Women's Aid Film

Our Beacon project with Genesis and Bridgend Women’s Aid is well underway. We are working with a group of women on a weekly basis, using drama to explore experiences of domestic abuse. Stories and memories are being shared and collected, as we enter into the process of creating a piece of theatre. The group is clear that they want to be seen as “survivors not victims” and we want our theatre piece to reflect this strength and determination.

The aims we have agreed on for our piece and its message include: “to open people’s eyes”, “remove the stigma often associated with domestic abuse”, “increase awareness within agencies and organisations of what domestic abuse is and what survivors need”. We are excited about the opportunity to work closely with a group and create a piece of theatre that not only reflects their experiences, but channels them into a positive statement of the need for change in society.

We hope to take this performance to a wide range of agencies, including police, magistrates, social services, housing and prison staff – in fact, we would be interested in taking it to any arena in which individuals may benefit from a greater understanding of the impact of domestic abuse.