September 26 2011

Cardiff Refugee and Asylum Seeker Dance Project Blog

Asylum Seeker Dance

by Issie Lloyd, Dance Development Worker

Teaching Refugees and Asylum Seekers each week at Trinity Church in Cardiff has been the highlight of my Thursdays! I normally teach the mothers whilst the kids can spend their time playing in the nursery. It is important for the mothers to have time to bond with one another and use dance as a form of escapism and a chance to socialise.

Some days we have less adults, or adults who are not able to participate in the dance sessions, and as a result I have ended up getting the kids grooving and having a great time too! You never quite know who you will be teaching at Trinity, whether it’s adults, kids, or the two combined. Either way the classes are consistent and create a positive atmosphere and vibe!

We have many opportunities coming up for the group, involving singing, dance and drama! Giving these guys ongoing opportunities to participate in creative practice and performances, will develop our relationship and build to bigger and better things.

Thanks to the funding from The Arts Council of Wales and The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for supporting this invaluable project.