January 13 2014

Christmas Play blog

Christmas Play Betws

by Tim Smith, Visual Arts Worker

Christmas 2013 saw the return of the much celebrated ‘Betws Christmas Play’, which for Valley and Vale has become as much a part of Christmas as turkey and tinsel. This year’s production, entitled ‘It Just Ain’t Christmas Without You’, was written by Valley and Vale worker Tim Smith based on the children’s ideas, developed during drama workshops.

This year’s play involved Santa being turned into a mean grumpy old man by a dream puppet. When Santa told Mrs Claus and the elves to go and spend Christmas in Betws and leave it all to him, everyone feared that Christmas just wasn’t going to happen this year. As usual in the Betws Christmas play, the arrival of Elvis in Betws gave everyone hope. Helped by two Betws children wrongly accused of causing trouble with a pineapple, Elvis, Mrs Claus and the elves eventually bring Santa back to his old self and save Christmas. Aided by Arts and Drama workers Alison McGann and Ali Franks, the group worked tirelessly to put the production on despite the usual stresses, strains and nerves that normally affect the play. Performed a week before Christmas at the beautiful St Davids Church in Betws, the play was a great success and the pride and joy on the young actors’ faces was the best Christmas present you can get.

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