Clean Slate

Valley and Vale Community Arts has been working in conjunction with Barnardo’s Cymru and alongside young people, supporting them to creatively express themselves.

Young people are given the opportunity to explore, through writing, film making, their past memories and experiences.

This empowering process can enable young people to regain a sense of control in their lives.

Young people are taught basic film making skills they decide how autobiographical or anonymous they would like their film to be.

By directing their own film they are provided the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and increase self awareness.

This can in turn help young people to recognise their behavioural patterns and make conscious decisions affecting their lives.

The film maker and counsellor Katja Stiller from Valley and Vale Community Arts, uses a Person-Centred approach whereby young people have ownership of their work.

This process has supported many young people to recover from past painful and traumatic events.

“I always thought that nobody would understand what I have been through. Today people came up to me and said that they were touched by my film, I think they really got it, this is a completely new feeling for me…” young film-maker