May 9 2011

Costume and Textile Society AGM Blog

Top of the Mountain Textile

by Top of the Mountain Development Worker

Valley and Vale were invited to speak at the AGM of the Costume and Textile Society on 9th April 2011 at St.Fagans Museum near Cardiff.  We were asked if we could talk about our recent Community Arts project called ‘Top of the Mountain’ based in the village of Betws.

The request had come via Alison Moger, our Textile Artist, who had helped local people to make a community quilt as part of the Top of the Mountain project. Alison had been asked to speak about the community quilt and thought that it may be of interest to the members of the Costume and Textile Society to hear about the wider project.

So there it was, at first I wondered what we could tell the members, how could our work possibly be relevant to them?  It was during the presentation and the showing of the digital stories that it became obvious.  Costumes and Textiles are a part of our everyday lives, it is merely another outlet for our expression and it was evident in quite a number of the digital stories that what people were wearing and making were fundamental to the stories.  It felt like a revelation to me and the whole reason for being there seemed to fall into place.

Gaye Evans, Chair of the Costume and Textile Society, sent a letter expressing her gratitude and reciprocated interest in our organisation.  It seems there was a meeting of minds, which may lead to future partnership working.