April 28 2009

Cyber Bully


Cyber Bully is a film that looks at the impact of bullying on young people. It was made by pupils at Ogmore Comprehensive School and their In-School Peer Support Service, was funded by Cymorth and The Arts Council of Wales, facilitated by Valley and Vale Community Arts, and the resource pack (DVD and booklet) is available to buy (running time 10 minutes).

Over the past two years Valley and Vale has been working with Ogmore School on an innovative project exploring conflict, anger management and bullying. A series of six-week programmes took place with young people who had experienced difficulties with conflict coming together and exploring related issues through drama. Workshops were practical and active using fictional characters to examine different situations and the range of thoughts, feelings and experiences a young person in a conflict situation might have. The workshops also brought together young people who had experienced bullying and young people who had been the perpetrators of bulling. Our hope was that through exploring fictional stories together the young people would have the opportunity to see their own situations from another person’s point of view.

Several young people who took part in the workshop programme expressed an interest in making a film about bullying based on the experiences and stories we had been working on. The theme of Cyber Bullying emerged and the group members felt strongly that this was a common yet painful form of bullying for young people today. In the workshops we also discussed the excellent Peer Support system the Ogmore School has in place. Several of the Peer Support volunteers became involved in the process and it was decided that this film should highlight the potential of this service to help young people in distress.

This project was facilitated by Alison O’ Connor, Ali Franks, Amy Peckham and Tracy Pallant from Valley and Vale Community Arts. It was supported by Lin Cooper and Linda Lewis From the Bridgend Healthy Schools Scheme and funded by Cymorth and The Arts Council of Wales.