September 29 2009

Dance Across the World

Berwyn Dance Group

Across the Bridgend Borough we are developing new dance and creative movement projects. Maes-yr-Haul Primary school is very passionate about learning about other schools in different countries and has links with schools in Africa, Nepal and South America. During th summer term we worked with Year 6 to explore Africa and learn about their music and dance, and what dance means to people in Africa. This Autumn Term we move to South America with Year 3 and aim to join the annual Christmas Performance in Maes-yr-Haul with our creative dance piece. The children will be learning about South America in their curriculum time so that they can bring their ideas and inspirations to the dance session. They are all very excited about this.

Maes-yr-Haul Primary school became the first school in Bridgend to achieve the prestigious International School Award which recognises the quality and depth of the international dimension in their curriculum.

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