January 27 2015

Dance at Glanogwr House Retirement Housing

Glanogwr House Dance

by Elaine Bennett, Dance Development Worker

“Have a quick kiss and grab their coat!”
(a participant’s memory inspired by a tune)

An exciting new project has begun at Glanogwr House in Bridgend with a group of older ladies and a couple of gentlemen that meet every Monday morning. This project is aiming to get everyone moving/dancing to music, concentrating on exercises using different parts of the body, and using sequences and ideas the participants have for moving their bodies. So far the sessions have been fantastic and everyone involved has really really enjoyed it. As the weeks have gone by we have been developing the session together and have introduced scarves, hand massages and relaxation techniques.  Last week we did the Bolero with scarfs and some of the ladies got up on their feet and DANCED!!

I’m building up a lovely relationship with this group and we have shared some wonderful moments that have bought back many memories … which then have turned into long discussions. The opportunity to not hold on to these ladies’ memories seems too special to miss. So, I have started to document some of them and hope to create something special and see where it takes the group. Using their choice of music, some of my dance facilitation, some old time dances and their dances … we will see where this lovely journey takes them. The ladies are having so much fun and I cannot hold them back.

So watch this space…

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