November 21 2011

Drama for Emotional Literacy Blog

Bryntirion Workshop Papiermache Masks

by Ali Franks, Drama Development Worker

I have been asked to work with a group of Year 11 boys at Bryntirion Comprehensive School, looking at relationships. We have been exploring masks and looking at the masks we may wear in different situations and what might be going on underneath those masks in terms of our real feelings and how that affects the way in which we relate to people.

We have been looking at Transactional Analysis as a way of understanding our relationships and discussing how we can relate to others using our parent, adult and child ego states, and how by having some understanding of this we can improve the more dysfunctional relationships in our lives.

Drama is a fantastic way into exploring our relationships in a safe environment where we can use role-play and forum theatre techniques to dig deeper to understanding the ways in which we behave.