November 29 2010

Energy on the Horizon

Alex Bowen at Aberthaw

RWE npower and Valley and Vale Community Arts

This exciting new venture is bringing together RWEnPower in The Vale of Glamorgan and Valley and Vale Community Arts to develop a new and exciting Business and Arts partnership.

RWE nPower is funding Valley and Vale to create public artwork with the local community for their new Education Centre (ACE2) that will open this winter.

RWE nPower have chosen Valley and Vale to use their expertise to create high quality pieces of art with local people so that they feel ownership and have a positive relationship to both the Education Centre and RWEnPower itself. They have also asked Valley and Vale to engage hard to reach people and bring them to the Education Centre, increasing their commitment to inclusivity and diversity as part of the project.

This project is also supported by The Arts Council of Wales and Arts and Business Cymru who are match funding the project to enable Valley and Vale to create a DVD about energy, working with local young people and adults to create a film that will be shown at the new Centre and around the local communities to stimulate debate about energy and related issues.