October 11 2010

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Fund Drama Development

Youth Theatre Workshop

We have received three year Esmée Fairbairn Foundation funding for new and development work within the Drama Department.

The first year work plan includes a project with Women Asylum Seekers and their children at the Trinity drop-in in Cardiff.  We are hoping to work with the mums towards a mid-winter celebration of drama and food.

In Bridgend we are looking to develop a piece of theatre with local students that addresses the issues of sexual promiscuity amongst young people.  This is in response to dialogue we have had with young people, youth workers and teachers around Bridgend who are all saying that this is becoming an issue in which more and more young people are struggling to understand personal boundaries and strengthen self-respect.  We are planning to devise, script and tour a new, challenging piece of theatre in the new year.

We are also excited about working with the Moving Forward Project with the young parents to make a film about what it is to be a young parent.

A major part of the funding is for developing new work and new partnerships so we will be continuing to listen to communities and potential partners about the needs and gaps that we can take creative and exciting approaches to promote positive change.