April 16 2010


Firestarter Workshop

In this Reel to Reel film project we worked with a group of young people excluded from school in partnership with the Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) and KPC in Bridgend.

The young people came up with the idea for the film themselves. Based on their own experiences some of the young people were getting frustrated at always being perceived in a negative way. Some said just because they wore hoodies and hung around the shops, didn’t mean that they were going to cause trouble. This short comedy drama addresses some of these issues and what they feel its like to be constantly viewed by adults in a negative way. The young people are also wrote the music for their film.

We had really positive feedback from this project. One of the workers at PRU said: ‘This is the first time since I’ve known (one of the participants) that I’ve seen him so engaged, he’s ready to have a go try new things, he’s asked about doing work experience at Valley and Vale. He makes eye contact now and looks happy for the first time in ages.’

Thanks to funding by The Welsh Assembly Government and with support from Bridgend County Borough Council Youth Service.

Firestarter Photo Gallery