August 27 2014

German Internship blog


by Anke

Hi everyone! My name is Anke. I have just finished my studies as a Social Worker in Darmstadt, Germany and I am coming to Valley and Vale Community Arts this September for an internship for several months to develop my knowledge and skills in creativity and Community Arts practice. I have been awarded a scholarship from the Leonardo da Vinci fund to enable me to do this and I am really looking forward to lots of new experiences! I will be joining in with projects across a range of different art forms and in lots of different communities and settings in South Wales, including Community Centres and groups, Prison, youth projects, mental health projects, schools, and will also be joining the new Valley and Vale Person-Centred Creativity training programme in Cardiff in September.

I am keen to visit other Community Arts organisations and projects during my time in Wales with Valley and Vale, and would love to hear from anyone that would like to meet me, let me come for a day or more and join in, see what you do, or maybe meet for a coffee and talk with you about the creative work that you do, as this has all inspired me to leave Germany and become part of the creative world in Wales for a few months! I know that Valley and Vale Community Arts has lots of friends and partners and so do please get in touch because I would love to meet you.

I will be staying in Cardiff with some friendly Valley and Vale staff at the beginning of my internship, but will then be looking for a room to rent as soon as possible in September, so if anyone knows of anyone that might have somewhere for me to rent, that would also be fantastic!

If you would like to meet me, let me come and visit your project, or know of somewhere that I could possibly rent, please can you contact me through Valley and Vale Community Arts, by calling Melissa or Shelly on 01656 729246 or email [email protected] thank you. I am hoping to make lots of new friends and contacts in Wales.

I have lots of relevant experience, training and interests to bring to Wales including: Bachelor studies and thesis in Social Work focused on Cultural Education; many years of work experience as a Kindergarten teacher, including children and young people with disabilities and special needs; experience in the musical field / music education and dance (theatre); services for children, young people and families; supporting cultural participation of disabled people through music, theatre, dancing and visual arts; experience in musical, dance, movement, and relaxation education; language promotion; Early Years education; Marte Meo Practitioner; Aspergers-Syndrome; theatre management, drama and theatre education; Family service and Children`s service; Early intervention for blind and partially sighted children. I have lots of interest in these issues, and am keen to make new experiences during my time with Valley and Vale Community Arts, to continue learning and becoming involved in promoting the cultural and social participation of all people.

I will be writing more web blogs during my internship so please come back to the website and see what I am doing … I am sure it will be creative, stimulating, fun, sometimes challenging, and exciting.