February 2 2011

Holocaust Memorial Day Performance Blog

Holocaust Memorial Dance/Drama Performance

by Issie Lloyd, Dance Development Worker, Valley and Vale Community Arts

Ali and I decided to combine our drama and dance skills to produce a piece for the Holocaust memorial event which was to be held at The Grand Pavilion towards the end of January. We decided to work with six dedicated students from Ynysawdre Comprehensive, who we knew would independently produce some strong material!

We used a variety of poems about fear and hope as a stimulus for the girls to produce some movement with voice interaction. The group really embraced the meanings behind the poems and produced some beautiful work. We also encouraged the girls to list their own thoughts and words in relation to how people may have felt throughout the Holocaust. Using the words isolated, anger, hatred, hope, lost… and many more, the group created a sequence of movements and contact improvisation in partners. It was great for us to feed the girls with ideas and a stimulus and let them develop and create movement material of their own. The completed drama and dance piece was created by the group themselves, with only a kick start from Ali and I.

The finished piece was performed to ‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’ by Gorecki, a stunning piece of music which was written as an expressive piece about the happenings throughout the Holocaust. We only had two weeks to work with the group, but this project resulted in a very moving, powerful and heartwarming performance by the girls.

(Name of the piece: From Hate to Hope

Name of Music: ‘Symphony of Sorrowful Songs’ by Gorecki

Students involved: Stacey Mallon, Katie Brearley, Emily James, Tyffany Salliss, Jessie Law, Holly Broster)