December 5 2012

‘In search of community’ blog

The Sword in the Stone project

by Tracy Evans, Drama Development Worker

If you are reading this blog post then you are already part of a much wider online community. Perhaps you connect with others via email, or through Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps you have your own website or blog. Often, I find one of the difficulties with the idea of an ‘online community’ is when there is actually no scope for dialogue.

For instance, I will write this post and you might read it, then move on to another page and read something else written by another person. And so we could spend hours, days, years of our time as passive readers of ideas and thoughts. But that won’t make us into a ‘community’.

Some of the words I would associate with community are: voice, dialogue, communication, sharing, learning, playing, respect, value, trust… What would your words be? I think we are all in search of ‘community’, especially if, like me, we have left the places we grew up, our families, friends, communities. And now find ourselves in places, and wanting to connect but finding it difficult… no time, no confidence, no transport…

This leads me on to one of Valley and Vale’s new online communities…

As I have mentioned in previous blogs on this website, we have been working on a project called ‘Llan’ exploring the relationship between ‘mother’ and ‘home’ with 4 women from south and west Wales. As we all live so far apart, one of the ways we want to communicate and share our thoughts and work is via a blog.

Over the coming months we will be posting rants, photos, films, poetic reflections, links to other interesting blogs, ideas for getting creative. We want to share this work with a wider community. And we hope you will get involved too. Visit us at A special thanks to Lucy Pearce, a blogger and writer from Ireland, who trained us up last year to be able to create our own blog with confidence! (

If you have ideas of what you would like to see on the blog, do let us know through your comments. Why not bookmark the page so you can come and visit us often!