May 15 2013

Inner Compass #followthecreativejourney

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How do we make decisions that might affect the rest of our lives?

What inner resources can we draw on to give us a sense of direction?

You may find that it is increasingly difficult to get a job you are interested in, and maybe even qualified to do. You might be facing the decision of whether to go to university and get into huge debt before you’re even 21. Or maybe, you have given up on the society that has been created for you… you don’t trust adults, politicians, educators…

This exciting creative project places these scenarios at its heart and invites a group of young adults from the Bridgend area between the ages of 18-25 to walk with their ideas and plans for a better future to the Senedd in Cardiff. We will walk the coastal path over 4 days from 12th-15th July, camping overnight, bartering food for entertainment we might provide along the way.

The walk will be broadcast using social media, so even those who cannot join in will be able to take part from a distance. As part of the project you will have the opportunity to receive free creative training in movement, film-making, photography, blog-writing, flag and banner making.

The project is free to take part in. The only requirements are that you are aged 18-25, living in the Bridgend area, are available on the dates listed above, are fit enough to walk for 4 days, and have a pair of suitable shoes for walking long distances in! We welcome all types of people to take part… geographers, artists, dancers, philosophers, musicians, performers, alchemists, politicians….

Join us!

To find out more or to join up visit our Facebook Event page or follow the journey on Twitter via @valleyandvale #followthecreativejourney

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