November 10 2010

‘Locking and Popping’ Dance Workshops Blog

Yami Workshop Group

by Izzie Lloyd, Dance Development Worker, Valley and Vale Community Arts

Community Dance Wales and Valley and Vale Community Arts worked in partnership to bring Funkstyler Yami AKA ‘ROWDY’ to South Wales to deliver the history and foundations of Locking and Popping. The two workshops (which were delivered throughout Cardiff and Bridgend) were highly successful, leaving the adults and children buzzing with energy!

Yami fed us with the in-depth history and technique of Locking, informing us how she and Fred (both teachers of ‘The Realness’) became master students of ‘Geg Campbellock Junior’. Their aim is to pass on the accurate knowledge they gained from the original pioneers of Locking and Popping, showing people how fun and inspiring these funk styles really are!

The workshops were thriving with energy as Yami encouraged partner work, prop routines and got everyone moving with social dances of the 70’s! These two days have been so inspiring. Hopefully everyone will start ‘scissy strutting’ down the street, wacking out some wrist twirls and points…let’s spread the knowledge Yami fed us with and keep these funk styles alive!!