December 16 2010

‘Locking OCN Level Two’ Issie Lloyd’s Dance Blog

Locking Workshop

by Issie Lloyd, Dance Development Worker

I have taken a strong interest in the old school funk style ‘Locking’ since I completed the Locking Pioneers course with one of the original members of  ‘The Lockers’ earlier this year. I adore the dance style as it is fun and funky! I have since continued my training in the style and passed on all the physical techniques and historical knowledge to my students.

Noticing how successful this has been I decided to design my own OCN in the Locking dance style to deliver to a variety of individuals who may not get the opportunity to gain such qualifications elsewhere. I thought this could enrich their knowledge in the dance style, give them an in-depth history and give them roots for more future training.

After creating a Level Two OCN course in Locking I worked with two students who are part of the Access and Inclusion Unit with Bridgend Council. I have spent the last few months piloting the course, working with Jess Williams and Alex Williams who have been an absolute pleasure to work with!! The two girls had received basic dance training prior to the course that helped their co-ordination skills. They absorbed the physical technique training, learning and practicing basic and advanced movements of the Locking vocabulary such as wrist twirls, points, the scooby doo, skeeta rabbit, pacing and many more! They also learnt a variety of social dances which was what influenced the creation of Locking in the first place. Most importantly the girls gained an in- depth understanding of this dance form’s historical background, learning about the original people who created and performed Locking in the 1970s and the people who are also recognised nowadays for keeping Locking true to its traditions!

Jess and Alex have proven each week that they can perform basic Locking using the correct technique and can now inform people where the funk style originated and the journey it has taken to this day. They have worked hard and dedicated their time and efforts to this course. I really hope they continue in the dance field and pass the knowledge they have learnt on to others!

Locking is Funky, Fun and Fresh!