September 9 2007

Lord of the Ring Drama

Lord of the Ring

We are currently working with a group of teenage boys from Betws on a short drama about two brothers. Since his mother’s death Ethan does not feel part of the family any more. His brother Jack and his dad are into boxing. Ethan used to be a good boxer but feels more and more alienated and finds it easier to hang out with his friend Tom. Tom and Ethan are looking for more excitement in their lives and start to experiment with different drugs. Jack watches helplessly as Ethan drifts further and further away from him.

A group of fourteen year-old boys from Betws met over half term to develop the characters and the script. This film will be the journey of a young boy and how he manages to break his drug habit in order to be there for his younger brother. This film will be shot on different locations in the South Wales Valleys.