January 1 2009

Maesteg Comprehensive School Poetry Project

Mist Over the Mountain

We are busy working in Maesteg Comprehensive School this winter as part of The New Opportunities Fund programme, in partnership with Bridgend County Borough Council. Project facilitator Alison McGann has been working with the young people in this school in a range of art forms, culminating in a poetry project exploring emotions. These poems will be published in a booklet at the end of the project:


Angry is like a bristle on a brush
Angry is like me when I’m in a rush
Angry makes me scream out loud
Angry doesn’t make me proud

Angry makes me kick and shout
Angry makes me get it out
Angry people are all about
Angry people push you down…


I fill with pride
when I am good
and when I am understood

I try to be just me
which are things
people cannot see

When you are shy
It is hard to get by

So when I feel proud
I want to shout out loud.


I am sad because
people call me names
they call me fat
when I’m in games

tears fill my eyes with sadness
and take away all my gladness
when people bully me I’m sad
but they never feel bad

they always make me cry
I couldn’t keep it in but I did try
I never feel safe
only in my place

I hope one day that this will end
so that I do not pretend
that I am happy when I am sad
when this finishes I’ll be glad.


You make me happy when you smile
A place where I am glad to be
People can make or break my day
People can do this in many ways
You should never bully or reject
You should treat people with respect