December 7 2010

Magic Moments

Berwyn Centre Dance Group

‘If you miss the magic in moments, then you miss the magic in your whole life. The magic is there. Don’t miss it. It will present itself every day!’ (Jim Bird)

Our girls from the Berwyn Centre are dancing their socks off this month. We have been creating a fun Christmas Dance together and they are full of energy and really excited about the season. The theme of this project has been all about magic, and what magic means to us.

This project was inspired by a little girl in Elaine’s class called Katlyn;  she was asking Elaine about unicorns and if she believed in them, and it all started from there. Some of the girls in Elaine’s group said that they had not seen any unicorns and her reply was:

‘If you stop and make time you will see more magic. The more magical things you look out for, the more magical things will come you way. Grown ups spend too much time doing grown up things to notice the magic around them…my advice is take more time out for magic!’ (Elaine Bennett)

This Christmas we will show a piece of work that the group has created using all the magic they have found and explored, using dance to express how it makes them feel. We will be sharing our work to friends and family at The Berwyn Centre in Nantymoel where the project is based. The aim is to get everyone into the spirit of Christmas with mulled wine, mince pies, festive music and smiling and twirling children. This project has been a wonderful and magical journey.